New Installation of Plastic Farms in Eastern China

  In August 2000, we achieved installing 4 new fishery cultures in Eastern China within a month. Each fish farm consists of 4 to 5 plastic cages. The efficient project mangement and skillful technicians is the major factor for the success.  

Weihai, Shandong Province

Qingdao, Shandong Province

Rongcheng, Shandong Province

Jhoshan, Zhejiang Province



We, Maritime Mechanic Ltd., were the pioneer to install the semi- submersible and computerized offshore automatic feeding fish farm in Norway in 1988.

During 1987 to 90, we were the only participant in the installation and maintenance of large scale of offshore fish farm in Daya Bay, China.

After our installation o Plastic Cages in Hainan, China in 1998 we have further enlarged our services in improving the aquaculture in South China Sea.


Double Grid
The "Double Grid" mooring
system for a 6 cages offshore
fish farm.



Plastic caging farm

We assembled a plastic caging farm
Hainan, China for a Sino-Nordic
Joint-venture on May 1998.

Offshore aquaculture plant

A huge offshore aquaculture plant 
was installed by us in  Daya Bay,
China in 1989.

Semi-submersible offshore fish farm

The world first semi-submersible
fish farm was built by
Maritime in Norway 1988.