Marine Engineering

Hercules engine

Our Sonar technology becomes famous after the recovery of the Hercules engine.

The affiliation of a giant offshore oil drilling in the North Sea enhanced our capability to provide wider range of heavy maritime services apart from our existing marine salvage, submarine survey, and underwater construction.

Counselling on applications and challenges regarding marine engineering works is also one of our professional strengths.
One of our most successful marine project the Deployment of  Redundant vessels & wrecks as Artificial Reefs in Marine Parks for the Agriculture & Fisheries Department. The first success in "Phase I" leads us won the 2nd Phase of the  Project
(Dec. 97 - Oct. 98).

Heavy Duty Marine Works
Design, operations, project management . . .

It is always a tradition for Maritime Mechanic to invent and develop new concept in marine works, including critical heavy lift.

In 2000, we linked up the demolition of marine structures work with the application of the new Artifical Reefs Project at Outer Port Shelter, H.K.

A total of 18 nos. Redundant dolphins, each weighted over 210 tons, were used as Anti-trawler Device at the new Artifical Reef site after demolished by us. It is also the first most successful Recycle Use of Construction Waste project in Hong Kong.
















On Oct. 1994, we recovered the lost engine and propeller of the Hercules plane which crashed to the sea at Kai
Tak Airport.

Air bag

20t. enclosed air bag was applied for the refloating of wreck.