Today of Maritime Mechanic Ltd.

Established in 1992, Maritime Mechanic has gained a lot of reputation and success in marine works and advanced technology.  One of the major factor for our success and growth is we keep upgrading and re-investing both hardware (equipment) and software (human resources).

During the past years, Maritime Mechanic invested more than HK$12 million for advancing its equipment, working boats and other important instruments, which further strengthens its working efficiency and competitive edge.  Overseas professional training course relating to marine works is also one of our indispensable policy for building up our employees' capacity
for better services.

Today, Maritime Mechanic owns a big team of professional divers and marine engineers.  It has provided a wide range of "design and construct" services including for over 10 major clients, such as LCSD, AFD, EMS, CAD, Far East Hydrofoil, Gammon Construction & Kerry Properties etc.  Maritime Mechanic together with its reputable services is now marching into new century.


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